10 Architectural Design Tasks An Architect Firm Should Offer

When you are looking for architectural services, it is important for you to choose the best one, and you can easily do that by keeping a few things in mind. They consistently implement the client’s strategies at the heart of the projects and successfully convert their dream into reality. Besides, you can get in touch with professionals of Martyn Pattie Architects as they provide a variety of services, and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Barn conversations: If you are looking for a rural home for sale on an established property close to London, then this service might be helpful for you.
  2. New housing: The best architectural service providers work on various residential projects and design new homes. The residential architects build new houses maintaining the local planning and building regulations.
  3. Commercial: Commercial architects provide the best services for commercial projects for various business investors. They help the business owners in upgrading and updating the existing commercial premises.
  4. House Extension: By seeking the house extension service, you will be able to add space to your home. The best architecture service provider can transform your small living space into a warm and beautiful area.
  5. Listed building: With the ‘Listed Building’ service, changes are made in the interiors of the listed building. These buildings are modernized with complete approval from the local authorities.   
  6. Sports and recreation designs: Sports infrastructure such as indoor tennis buildings, swimming pools, sports clubs are also designed by their reputed architect service providers.
  7. Appeals: The appeal process is considered a difficult process and the outcome cannot be predicted at all. With the help of the ‘Appeal’ service from a professional architect, you can be assured that the planning application will not get refused.
  8. Project management: The project management service includes the processes of securing planning, permission, liaising with the planning department, managing budgets, sourcing materials and dealing with builders’ as well statutory paperwork.
  9. 3D modeling and visualization: With this service, the architectural drawings and interior plans are transformed into realistic 3D presentations. The use of 3D modeling services is gaining more popularity even for residential developers besides commercial developers.
  10. Interior designing: By seeking this service, you can get the interiors of your home or commercial building decorated in the most aesthetically beautiful way.
  11. Feasibility studies: This service can provide the viability of the scheme before any substantial work is carried out.

These are some of the services provided by a reputed architectural service provider.