3 power saving tips To Increase the Revenue Generation

12 basic energy saving tips for manufacturers

Since the pandemic of 2020, running a business has been the most challenging job than ever. Especially when you are starting up, it becomes too difficult to maintain the expenditures exactly s per the theoretical plans. Instead of planning to curtail the benefits of employees, it is a better idea to concentrate on how to decrease the energy costs while operating the business. The following power saving tips [วิธี ประหยัด ไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai] can be highly useful in saving a considerable amount from utility bills. 

Tip #1: Timing of lights

How many lights are on during the working hours? It is now possible to install the most energy-efficient lights to draw minimum power supply while at work. Also, if you can arrange for smart lightings, it will help in saving much energy. 

Tip #2: Maintain the HVAC system

The HVAC system always works during business hours and beyond when you need the system for cold storage and other such functions. So you need to ensure that there is regular maintenance of the system. Servicing ensures that the HVAC system remains in the right functional condition and does not draw more power than it should.

Tip #3: Devices working

When you are running a business, the entire operations will demand the use of several systems. Computers, laptops, tools, appliances, instruments will all be a part of the entire process. It is essential to keep under check how much power individual appliances are drawing. You have to call the electricians and request an inspection in case of discrepancies. 

Close monitoring

If you notice that even after following the above tips for saving the electricity consumption, the energy bills are quite high, you need a thorough inspection to check whether the wiring has any glitch. It is better to repair the minor glitch than pay huge amounts every month.