Autumn in Japan

Japan is a unique tourist destination combining rustic scenic beauty and supreme advanced technology. The country is famous for its ancient shrines and temples, well preserved authentic wooden villas and, at the same time, all the modern amenities that you can expect. But what is the best time to visit Japan? Though summer is famous for the different festivals and spring for cherry blossoms, autumn is arguably the best time to be in Japan. The change in colour of the leaves from green to wonderful shades of yellow, orange and red make Japan the most beautiful place in autumn. The most important thing is autumn being outside the peak season, you will find it much cheaper and less crowded.

Leave hunting in autumn

Autumn leave hunting is very popular with tourists, which have been a Japanese practice for centuries. You can go hiking to witness the lovely yellow leaves of pine trees in the mountain trails of Onawa and Okinawa. You can view the fall foliage in a relaxed and reflective manner in many historic sites and gardens. The visual becomes even more magical during the evening as many parks entertain the visitors with a unique light show. The fall of leaves in Mount Fuji starts in late September, and the full bloom takes place in early November. The mountain’s elevation makes it a very different view for the tourists compared to the gardens and parks.

Seasonal food

The autumn in Japan comes with a whole range of seasonal fruits and vegetables. “Oden” is a typical autumn soy flavoured dashi soup with different ingredients as your option, such as meat-stuffed tofu skin, boiled eggs, fish cakes and radish. Roasted chestnut cooked together with rice is a speciality in autumn. Many street food stalls serve delicious roasted sweet potatoes throughout autumn, and it is the most popular side dish for a warm glass of sake. It is the perfect time for the growth of Japanese persimmons that are sweet and juicy. It goes by the local name Kaki that resemble tomatoes, and you can eat them raw, dried or in a jelly form.