Duplex Homes: Are you Ready to Buy One?

Traditionally built houses are still the most bought properties in Australia. While it seems that the status quo is left unchanged, there are many designers and architects in particular who are pushing duplex homes to the forefront of the real estate industry. Duplex homes in Sydney are starting to become more present in today’s society, and it will only take years for people to see them as a good purchase.

In this article, we will talk more about duplex builders and the properties they produce. We will try to summarize everything and have people understand if they are ready to purchase one.

Rental Setup

A new home that is considered to be a duplex type is a perfect one for rental purposes. This means that you should be ready to enter a rental setup, where tenants would live on your property and you get to collect payments monthly. The thing about a duplex home is its space, and the amount of privacy that it could provide despite having two different households living very near each other.

Take note however that duplex homes in Sydney can still be used for non-rental purposes and they are still considered a great buy for families that are bigger than usual.

Initial Cost

Duplex homes in Sydney are far more costly than single homes as we said, mainly because of space. That said, your down payment for the whole project or property, if you’re purchasing a pre-built one, would be very high. In that case, you should be ready and only proceed if you still have remaining funds to spare for more adjustments that you will be needing for the property.


While privacy isn’t that of a big deal for duplex homes when bought for family and own use, they can be a bit of a problem when it comes to rental. Take note that the property is only separated by only a wall, and depending on its structure and materials used, there are high chances that privacy might be breached.

In this case, you should be thinking of creating ways that could lessen the privacy concern, for instance, installing soundproof kits in rooms that are more susceptible to privacy issues. You may also conduct interviews with your tenants and hear their sentiments and start crafting countermeasures depending on what they desire and expect.


Duplex houses will soon invade the mainstream market, and we hope that we have given you enough information to determine whether you are ready to purchase one for your desired purpose. 

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