Ecological Paint And Organic Paint: How To Choose It?

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Why use toxic paints when you can find ecological paint? Known as organic or natural paint, this type of paint is very economical. There are natural paints with healthy compositions, paint without VOCs. They can be adapted to any medium, such as non-toxic wood paint. It is therefore advisable to choose them well.

What Is Ecological Paint?

As the name suggests, ecological paint is environmentally friendly paint. It is, therefore, a paint regulated and controlled by the public authorities and whose design requires little energy. Producing no waste must not present a danger to flora and fauna. We, therefore, speak of organic paint if its composition comes from organic farming. If this is not the case, we cannot qualify the painting as ecological.

To recognize an ecological and organic paint, it must have the following conditions:

  • Only the agricultural ingredient that composes it must be qualified as organic. For example, the oil contained in the paint is organic and not the paint.
  • The certified organic agricultural ingredient must represent the most significant amount of the paint.
  • The paint should contain little or no synthetic chemicals.
  • In this case, the product must indicate a list of the ingredients that compose it.

Criteria For Choosing An Ecological And Organic Paint

Indications from may qualify certain paints as an environmental or organic product. So, take into account specific measures to select an ecological paint.

As for the price, ecological paint is slightly cheaper than conventional paint. Of course, that does not mean that it is not qualitative either. You will easily find good quality ecological paints. Generally, the price of organic paint varies depending on the manufacturer. However, a liter of organic paint is worth it. You can buy washable organic paint at home improvement stores or order online.