Find out the best time to get the walls painted for your house

Every house owners will love to decorate and personalise their house. But it is tricky to decide the right time to get the walls painted for the house. Professional and experienced painters can help you understand the technical specification of getting the house exterior wall painted under different weather conditions. Let us understand the how for the best result of getting the exterior of the house painted based on the seasons at your place. For instance, if it rains soon after the painting is completed, the colour might get faded or even discoloured, which is not what we want!

  • As a thump rule, look for the months that have more dry days with no major fluctuation in the temperature during day and night. The change in the temperature can cause the paint to crack and peel off. And by this rule, winter stands as the best time to get the exterior walls painted.
  • Do not paint under high temperatures, especially when the humidity level is high. Humidity interferes with the drying of the wall robustly. When the air moisture is high it takes a longer time for drying of the water or solvent in the paint.
  • Cold weather in some areas, as in the UK, will affect the oil-based or resin paints. The low temperature causes the paint to become viscous and thick. But the latex paints can be used during colder weather conditions.
  • Painting the exterior walls during windy conditions can cause the water or solvent used in the paint to evaporate quickly. This cause the duration time for the paint to adhere to the wall lesser and effectively.
  • Windy days also cause the debris and dust to adhere to the paint, making it look even worse. And no one will even want it to happen. Right?
  • Avoid painting under direct sunlight as the paint will dry way sooner than it should. This will cause the improper binding of the paint to the wall and quick peeling off. The water or solvent in the paint dries off quickly, but the paint needs more time to soak on the surface of the wall to be absorbed effectively.

To summarise, try to get the exterior painting done when the air temperature is between 12oC – 35oC and at a maximum humidity of 80%. Ensure that you give the paint enough drying duration for it to be absorbed by the wall surface.Click here to find more details about the effects of different weather conditions when painting the external wall.