Game Rules For Gyms In The Condo

Establishing rules for gym use is extremely important. With them, you’ll have control over who attends and will avoid problems if someone uses the equipment without respecting the rules. If you have a gym in your condominium and still don’t have regulations, you can take advantage of the tips to create one. “The landlord must have an internal regulation, and the unit owners must sign a term of responsibility to enjoy the academy

1-Approve a regulation on the use of the gym. It must contain, among other points, days and times for attendance and a clause giving the user the responsibility to replace any part in case of breakage. If you do not have a regulation

2- Draw up a term of responsibility, to be signed by the unit owner, where he certifies that he is spontaneously practicing physical activity and that he is responsible for any damage to health;

3- Have access control, it can be with an attendance book, which must be filled in by the user every time he visits the room;

4- Restrict access to the gym to condominium residents only;

5- Children can use the gym from the age of eight, as long as they are monitored by a professional. The market already has equipment with ergonomics aimed at children. They work physical activity without using excessive weight loads.

Equipment Maintenance

To ensure more durability to the equipment and well-being of gym users, maintenance work is essential, which includes proper cleaning of the equipment. When the equipment is new, the liquidator does not have to worry too much about maintenance during the warranty period, and the manufacturers only give essential guidance for cleaning. 

A preventive maintenance contract after the warranty expires a way to avoid problems and have the equipment always well taken care of. Pay attention to screws and the presence of rust.Check is it good to buy a condo (ซื้อ คอน โด ดี ไหมwhich is the term in Thai)