Greater Limits for the Perfect Choices in the Kitchen Furniture Options Now

The space becomes a convenient and practical one, but at the same time the kitchen must be equipped and equipped with all the electronics and appliances needed to prepare fast meals.

When you think about designing your own kitchen, you have to think that choosing furniture is one of the most important parts. Given that the life span of a kitchen usually exceeds 15 years, it is essential to spend enough time designing and designing this space. Here are some useful tips to help you decorate your kitchen. For the use of the meuble calligaris de maison tessier this is the best deal now.

Kitchen decoration

Kitchen layout

The compartmentalization of the kitchen in the 5 functional areas is based on the activities that take place in the kitchen and aims to reduce distances and dead times. The 5 zones should be set up clockwise as follows: supplies area, storage area, sink area, preparation area and hob area.

Thus, the kitchen should be furnished according to how you want to arrange it: in-line kitchen, island kitchen, parallel line kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, U-shaped kitchen.

Kitchen layout – Size and workspace

Depending on what space you have available and the shape of the room, you must consider the distance and size that can prevent accidents and accentuate the fatigue in the kitchen.

Fast moving through the kitchen is essential when preparing a meal according to a schedule, plus you need to make all family members feel as comfortable as possible.

Leave 40 cm of free space between the stove and refrigerator, respectively 60 cm between the stove and the sink, in this way you do not risk splashing water on the stove or splashing the sink with hot oil.

Use suspended bodies 92 cm high and you gain 30% storage space. To make the hood more efficient, leave 65 cm between the hob and the hood, or 75 cm if the burner is gas.

The worktop is normally fixed at 85-90 cm distance from the floor, but this can be adjusted according to the height of the beneficiary. For calculating the correct working height, the distance between the elbow and the working counter must be 10-15 cm.

Kitchen arrangement – Storage areas

If you have a small kitchen, it is advisable to look for functional furniture, which has all the storage spaces more vertical than horizontal. Frequently used items should be stored at an accessible height, under the worktop or on the first level of the cabinets.

Less commonly used light items are stored at the top and heavy items such as pans and pots will be kept as low as possible, possibly near the hob.

The dishes and glasses are stored above or next to the sink or dishwasher. Spices should be near the cooking area and the food should be near the work area.

Kitchen design – Quality is a priority over design

When choosing your kitchen furniture, it is very important the material and its execution. Since we do not change the kitchen furniture every year, you have to choose the model that will pass the test of time. However, you should not forget that the kitchen furniture is worn out faster than the rest of the furniture in the house.