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How to deal with children’s messes in the house

Ever feel like, no matter what, you can’t keep up with the cleaning demands of running a house full of children? In that case, you’d be pleased to know that mostly everybody has that problem. Little children are small delights, but the problems they can create are really, really big. From eating to playing, messes seem to simply happen, whenever you’re not looking. Or worse, exactly when you are. Well, there are ways around that. Read on to find out the most effective and efficient ways of dealing with your child’s messes, according to house cleaning experts in Glasgow


Right off the bat, domestic cleaning starts with the notion of decluttering. Getting rid of all the things you don’t really need will not only create less cleaning opportunities, but also open up your home, give it more space and make it feel brighter. Getting rid of non-essential items allows you to appreciate the ones you do have that much more. The more you declutter, the easier, and faster, it is going to be to clean up your home.

Start fresh

Sometimes, when there’s no end in sight to the messes, it’s time to say “enough.” With the help of a deep clean in Glasgow or a lot of determination, it’s possible to come back to a state of order and build from there. This is mostly reserved for when it’s really bad, but it gives you an opportunity to appreciate the cleanliness that can be there, and gives you something to maintain, which is easier to manage.

Play zones

Specify to your kids which place in the house is made exclusively for playing. That doesn’t mean your children should stop playing tag around the house, but that all the board games, plushies and other various toys have finally found a home. It will typically take some getting used to, but once you get there, it will make the stress of stepping on yet another Lego a thing of the past. 

Involve your children

One of the best ways to teach children to clean up, is to involve them in the cleaning process, according to cleaners from Glasgow’ Southside. Not only are they learning something valuable for everyday life, but they’re also getting a chance to help and “feel adult,” which many tend to love. By offering them the opportunity to clean up after themselves, you’re creating useful habits that, at the very least, should see your home that much cleaner, with less input from you. 

To achieve that, make sure your cleaning cloths, brooms and mops are all at their ready access. Then, start incentivizing the cleaning. Soon after, you’ll have yourself a much cleaner house and well-deserved rest.


Taking a leaf out of the various cleaning companies in Glasgow, organizing your cleaning is a big one. A well-organized cleaning routine will involve everyone in the house and ease your workload, by spreading it around evenly according to everyone’s possibilities. Chores, often disliked by children, are a necessary addition to their routine, so you don’t have to keep dusting or vacuuming their room by yourself. Putting away laundry, making the bed, and cleaning up after they’re done playing with their toys are just some examples. Once your children are slightly older, you can ask for their help with more things around the house.

Try to make your house cleaning schedule easy to keep track of, have clear-cut instructions on your standard of cleanliness and how to get the chore done. Try to show them it can be fun, such as teaching them to do it with music playing in the background or with a specific goal in mind.


If all else fails, remember that children’s messes are a natural product of a healthy, happy home life. You don’t want to scare your children into being perfect and neat, neither do you want to put more importance on the cleaning than on your children’s interests or well-being. As a result, figure out how much mess you can tolerate, not “ideally have,” but rather, can live with. Of course, the goal is to get rid of messes altogether, but as the little chaotic forces of nature in your home continue living there, getting rid of them altogether isn’t going to happen. Adapt and embrace parts of your life you can live with – and work together to solve the ones you can’t. After all, you can always find the best help you can get with the cleaning services in Glasgow.

Thank you for reading and we hope these tips helped make your home more orderly!