How to find a good LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror Supplier?

For superior Hotel & Home bathroom decoration, LED bathroom mirrors will definitely add to its impression on people.With the demands of fashion decoration in the bathroom as well as multiple functions of smart homes, the requirement for a quality LED bathroom mirror is getting higher and higher compared with the normal mirrors.With internet grows rapidly, you can easily find lots of manufacturers and suppliers of LED bathroom mirrors from China.But how can we tell he is a quality supplier? By the low price? Absolutely not.The prices range from 20 to 100 US dollars, obviously the qualities are different. But we do not want to pay 100 dollars for the same quality! That is easy, reading this article and you will have an idea how to find a good LED lighted bathroom mirror supplier.

Material Usually when you inquire your suppliers about the LED mirror, You will get a first quotation with the specifications, which include the mirror glass, frame material, LED lights, LED driver,Additional features like defogger , touch sensor and etc.. These information tell the quality level:

  1. Mirror: The most difference in the mirror quality lies in: If this is a copper free mirror. Because normal silver mirror will get easily corrosion stains. But copper free mirror last long time.
  2. Frame: The frame is a back frame that fixed with the LED strip or as a mount frame. A recommended frame is made of aluminum, which is light and sturdy. Also steel can be good frame too.
  3. LED lights: LED lights is a big topic. The easiest way to tell a good LED is the model of LED chips. Here’s the brightness from bright to dark:5630smd(60D)=2835smd(120D)>5050smd(60D)>3528smd(120D)>3528smd(60D). One easy way is to find out the power per meter. The larger power, the brighter it puts out: 5630smd(18w)=2835smd(18w)>5050smd(14w)>3528smd(10w)>3528smd(5w).
  4. LED driver: LED driver is the key part of a LED mirror. Besides testing a driver by an electric engineer, we can judge it by easy ways: A good driver owns more certificates: UL/ETL/CSA for USA and Canada, CE/RoHS for European countries, TUV GS for Germany,SAA/C-Tick for Australia and New Zealand, KC for Korea, BIS for india, PSE for Japan, SASO for Saudi Arabia,IP44/IP67 for waterproof use and etc. One thing that cannot be wrong: the more tests it has passed, the safer it is.
  5. Defogger: It is an heated anti fog pad that stick to the back of the mirror. The PET material defogger is better in quality. And same as the driver, a certificated defogger has good quality.

When you read these, you will have a general idea to tell if this is a good LED bathroom mirror. But that is far from enough to get a reliable supplier with good quality and competitive price! Usually you will need to seek for some candidates, inquire and compare the prices and specifications and negotitae with them the terms. But you are lucky to read this article because we are a supplier of LED bathroom mirrors that is qualified and has good prices! We have been serving the hospitality and residential industry for more than ten years with the lines of products,including LED Lighted mirrors ,Backlit Hotel Bathroom Mirrors , 3D Infinity Mirrors , LED Aluminum Medicine Cabinets ,Mirror cabinets with lights and other lighting mirrors. Morn is your turnkey LED mirror manufacturer and supplier in China,welcome contact us for more info.