How to get an expensive looking kitchen for less

The importance of the kitchen

The kitchen truly is the heart of the home, a busy hub where meals are made and consumed, a place for work and a place for hanging out; a good kitchen is an essential component of a happy house, not only does it make it more of a pleasure to live in, but it can add greatly to the value, often disproportionately to the level of investment made in it. A good kitchen can add more to the value of your home than you spent on it. Conversely, a bad kitchen, outdated, ugly or inconvenient to use, can be a big drag factor on a house’s price, as well as making it a less pleasant place to live. If you’ve decided that you need a kitchen makeover, it can seem a daunting task, and potentially an expensive one. Costs can quickly spiral out of control, particularly when you consider how many jobs it can entail.
A complete kitchen refit can end up costing a bomb, but there are ways to get a kitchen which looks the part but won’t break the bank.

Decide what you want

The first thing to think about when you’ve decided to do a kitchen makeover is just how far you want to go. As we’ve seen, complete refits can be expensive, as well as disrupting family life with a lot of mess and inconvenience, however, just a few cosmetic alterations can breathe new life into a tired looking kitchen. It may be something as simple as a lick of paint or changing the cupboard doors. You can do more to transform your kitchen quickly and inexpensively than you realise. Simply changing small appliances like the kettle and toaster for more modern ones can jazz up the look of the kitchen, bright cushions can transform kitchen chairs, a set of shelves with a display of cookbooks can work wonders for an unloved and neglected corner. Even more simply, giving the kitchen a through clean can help to restore some of its former glory, a good scrub can work wonders reviving grimy walls and ceilings. Plants can help to add a different atmosphere (with the added benefit of keeping the air in your home clean).

Ask the experts

So we can see that there are many ways in which you can inexpensively give yourself a new-looking kitchen. Even so, it can be difficult to know precisely what effect you want, how to tie it all together, even just how to apply the finishing touches to get the look of the room just right. It never hurts to ask for a bit of expert advice and there are plenty of people who are willing to help. Firms such as Kitchen Magic specialise in giving you a kitchen makeover that’s as affordable as it is impressive, an a little bit of experience can go a very long way when it comes to getting the kitchen that you deserve.