How to Pick the Right Color Rug for a Room

Do you know how to choose rug colors?

Finding the perfect shade and hue of carpet for a space in your home can be challenging if you don’t know where to start.

Use Tufenkian’s guidance and ask yourself three questions to pick the right color rug for a room.

Where Is the Rug Going to be Placed?

First, consider the purpose and placement of the rug. Is it going to be in a space where there’s high traffic and the potential for spills? Or will the carpet be undisturbed most of the time?

A rug with darker colors is better suited to hide dirt, debris, and stains. A light-colored rug is a safe choice if it will be tucked away from kids, pets, and refreshments. If you’re looking to change the room’s appearance, remember light colors make a space look bigger, and dark colors create a cozy vibe.

What Is the Existing Décor?

What’s already going on in the room? Do you want your rug to blend in with the existing décor, or should the carpet stand out?

If you’ve already established a color scheme and want to stick to it, select a rug that picks up on those same colors. If you’re adding the carpet as an accent piece, mix the new rug’s colors into your décor with items such as pillows or blankets.

What Mood Are You Trying to Create?

How do you want to feel when you walk in this space? The rug color you choose should complement the room’s ambiance:

  • Pale greens, blues, and purples can instill serenity in areas that need to be calm such as a reading nook or nursery
  • Reds, oranges, and yellows are friendly, warm colors that encourage gatherings in a living room or family room
  • Kick those warm colors up a notch with some bold hues if you want to bring energy and excitement to a playroom or office
  • Burgundy, chocolate, and navy are rich, deep colors that can create intimacy and closeness in a bedroom

What Color Rug Should I Get?

It’s time to start shopping because now you know how to pick a rug color.

If you’re still worried about making the wrong choice, check out Tufenkian’s TestDrive program. You can try any Archive rug, Vault rug, or Design Catalog sample free for seven days in your space.

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