How to source a reliable builder for a house refurbishment in London

When you are managing a house refurbishment in London, you can’t afford to cut any corners. So it is vital to shop around and source a reliable builder who can get the job done.

While it can be a bit of a slog to

So, here are some simple tips that can cut the time and stress out of finding a builder to finish off your renovation work.

  1. Online reviews: Almost certainly your first port of call; taking the time to review professional sites can help you quickly get an understanding of any tradesperson’s working practice but also how well reviewed they are. While individual feedback and comments may not be directly present on a site google reviews and sites like Trustpilot can help you quickly get a first-hand reference of work carried out on previous projects and often be able to see photographs of how the work was finished out. Of course, a bad review should not be the be all and end all of things. An ability to quickly respond and correct issues can help highlight how responsive a team is and the quality of the after care that they practice.
  2. Word of mouth: One of the biggest deciding factors for any hire should be positive word of mouth. While any professional site will have reviews on completed jobs, being able to be put in touch with a previous client or have a chat with a friend about work they had done can assuage any fears you may have. If you are renovating your flat, it can often be useful to have chat with neighbours who had work done and find professionals to seek out…or avoid.
  3. Know what you need: If you’re looking to find the right tradesperson for your job, it’s worth knowing what that job is and the unique skillset that it requires. If you are completing an end-to-end refit of your property, this means that you will need to be put in contact with a company and team of tradesmen. Alternatively, if you need to carry out a simple bit of joinery or plaster work, being able to find a single skilled professional to fit the bill can be perfect. As soon as you know and understand the specific area you need help with you can being a much more targeted search and be able to succinctly and accurately detail exactly what you need – saving both of you valuable time and energy.
  4. Retain them: When you find a reliable builder, do not let them go. Working with the same professional allows you to build a relationship and create clear lines of communication that are based on trust. While there can be a little bit of give and take, it is much easier to contact someone you have previously worked with – if for no other reason than the fact that you never need to source a new builder again.

META: Finding reputable craftsmen for a house refurbishment in London can seem impossible. Here’s how to do it.