Know About Electric Doors And Garage Doors Here

Electric doors (ประตู รั้ว ไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai) are the doors that operate through the electrically controlled mechanism. There are many types of electric gates. Talking about the sliding gates, they get trailed along a path on wheels. On the contrary, the electronic swing gates open and close on hinges. One must wonder why we should go with an electric door instead of a manual one? As we’ve advanced in the realm of security, CCTV, electric locks, and intercom systems have given rise to another dimension of ensuring your safety. If we talk about the advantages, they are innumerable. To adduce some we have:

1.    Convenience

Electric doors offer prolific results when it comes to convenience. With these doors, there’s no need to hire security guards for your security. In this fast pacing life, how many times had it happened that you forgot to check the door locks or forgot the keys inside the house? With electric doors, there’s no chaos in dealing with such stuff.

2.    Security

Electric doors offer supreme security. The electric mechanism is not easy to be broken by burglars. No matter how much we are reluctant in buying these doors, ultimately, we all know that they are more secure.

3.    Financial Aids

Insurance companies charge a relatively low premium on home insurances with electric doors. The chances of occurrence of catastrophic events in the case of electric doors are much less; thus, this factor aids the financial budget.

The most common use of electric gates can be seen in garages. A garage door (ประตู โรงรถ, term in Thai) can be manual or the one with electric motors. With a manual one, you’ll have that load of manually dragging and pulling the door every time you park or unpark. This might also result in fatal accidents. Resorting to an electric door ensures smooth and uninterrupted movements of your car from the parking space. The top-notch of these doors is they ensure stringent security of your beloved vehicle. 

How Can I Open An Electric Door In Times Of Power Cut?

During power cut, try to locate the emergency key on the outside of the garage door. Once you turn the key inside the lock, you’ll see a lock tumbler. Pull that out. Using the cord in the lock tumbler hole, you can lift the door till the time it is totally opened and doesn’t fall down again.