Some Things To Know About Vacancy Limiter

The parking space limiter is used on a large scale in parking lots to prevent cars from colliding with the parking wall, thus providing more excellent safety for users and the establishment.

Advantages Of Using The Parking Space Limiter

The surge limiter has a higher cost than the Bumper Protector for parking block; what sets them apart is that the limiter is recommended in places where it is impossible to install the protector, such as walls with visible piping, so to protect the piping it is the limiter. It is installed to prevent the car from approaching in spaces where the front has a door, light board, storage, etc.

Another great benefit of using the space limiter is the ease of installation since it is not necessary to carry out any modification on-site so that it can be installed, that is, it is just glued to the ground, using a type of special glue so that there is a minimum of interference in the place and speeding up the processes of preparation of the parking lot for the reception of vehicles.

Choosing to use the parking space limiter results in a series of benefits; however, in cases where parking lots have a larger budget available, it is also recommended to use a bumper protector, as these models provide superior protection due to greater impact absorption capacity; in this way, it is possible that even in cases where the car touches the wall, no damage occurs either to the vehicle or to the location where it was hit.

Garage Space Limiter Price And Compatibility With Its Use

In addition to researching the parking space limiter price, the user must establish quality standards so that, in the future, there is a recurrent and durable use of the material, remembering that, as it has direct contact with vehicles of various sizes, the limiter it must be made with rigid material, often using EVA as a base, but in its highest density form.

In addition, the parking space limiter price must be consistent with the type of location and contact, remembering that its function is to establish a limit between the vehicle and space and avoiding impact with walls or columns, other cars or even avoiding obstruction of doors, emergency passages or places of circulation.

With this, in addition to limiting the price of parking space, the material itself becomes attractive for its primary function, encompassing differentials for the location that chooses to use it and developing advantages for the consumer.

In conjunction with the parking space limiter price for the product itself, there is the possibility of installation services, generally using resistant glues as a means of fixation so that there is no damage to the site, however, always offering convenience for the consumer who opts for the service on an account.