Traditional Freestanding Vanity with a Marble Top

Are you tired of the cluttered and outdated look of your bathroom? Want to give it a fresh, modern and elegant touch? If yes, then say goodbye to the traditional vanities and hello to the sleek and stylish wall-mounted vanities! Wall-mounted vanities are a fantastic choice for any bathroom space, especially if you love the clean and minimalist look. They are versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and offer plenty of storage space. But before you buy one, you need to know what to look for in a wall-mounted vanity. Let us dive into the benefits and things to consider while buying a wall-mounted vanity.

1. Space-saving and easy to clean

Wall-mounted vanities are space-saving and keep the floor clear, which is perfect for small bathroom spaces. Plus, they’re easy to clean because of the small amount of floor space they occupy. You can get rid of the dirt and dust easily, making it appear cleaner and tidier.

2. Stylish and modern design

Wall-mounted vanities are trendy, they make the bathroom space look modern and aesthetically pleasing. These vanities are sleek, elegant and go with most bathroom decor styles. You can choose from different finishes like dark wood, light wood or high-gloss finishes, and find one that matches your style.

3. Easy installation

Wall-mounted vanities are easy to install, you only need to have the vanity and brackets that come with the package. All you have to do is attach the bracket to the wall, and then hang the vanity on the bracket. You don’t have to worry about drilling holes into the wall, and they do not require any extra construction work.

4. Extra storage space

Wall-mounted vanities offer plenty of storage space, although they take up a small area. You can choose from various drawer configurations that maximize storage space, some of which come with adjustable shelves so you can customize them any way you want. You can even opt for a vanity with a towel rail or shelf that makes your morning routine more efficient.

5. Height adjustability

Unlike traditional vanities with fixed heights, wall-mounted vanities are adjustable in height. You can mount them at a height that suits you or meets your needs. This makes it easy for people of different heights to use the bathroom mirror without having to bend down or strain their neck.

In Short:

Wall-mounted vanities have become an increasingly popular choice for modern-day homes. They offer more storage space, save space, and make any bathroom appear clean, modern and elegant. When choosing a wall-mounted vanity, make sure to take note of the space you have available, your storage needs, your height, and your preferred vanity design. With so many sleek and stylish options available, a wall-mounted vanity is a great investment and will make your bathroom look stylish and modern.