Understanding Self-Storage Unit Options For Better Utilisation And Use

There are many people who are always on the move while there are others who might be going away on a very long overdue vacation or even those who or relocating to a different country altogether for a good few years. All of them have one thing in common; they need space to temporarily store their belongings. This need is fulfilled by self-storage unit providers who offer storage space on rent. For More Information on this and know the different options associated with self-storage it is important to understand certain concepts associated with it.

Storage time periods

Self-storage units are generally rented for time periods which can be broadly divided into:

  • Short term rental: People who are in transferable jobs or those who have to go away on a long vacation generally need to store their belonging for short term periods. Self-storage facilities offer rental plans for short time periods so that the needs of these people can be fulfilled. In fact they have a facility known as the mobile storage wherein belongings can be stored for short periods at a relatively low rate.
  • Long term rentals: People who want to store their belongings for a very long time or those businesses that do not have the capability to take on additional inventory, look for long term rentals. Self-storage unit facilities are able to allocate ample space for these long term rentals and even have specialised spaces optimised to certain conditions so that fragile objects do not get damaged.

Types of storage

There are different types of storage units from which a renter can choose on the basis of what he wants to store and for how long. Some of the different types of storage are:

  • Self-storage: These are generally made of concrete or metal and are windowless units favoured by both businessmen and individuals. Herein once the belongings or objects are stored, the renter gets to lock up the space and can easily access it both during the day and night. They come in varying sizes and hence the renter can choose the size most appropriate for his needs.
  • Mobile storage: This is a type of self-storage which as the name suggests is portable. Herein the storage space unit is transported to the renter’s facilities for his use. It can also be stored at the self-storage unit facilities and is generally used for short term storage,
  • Climate controlled: Absolutely similar to self-storage units, these climate controlled units, as the name suggests offer special protection to ensure that objects and belongings stored here are not affected by the changes in weather and climatic conditions. Additionally they also offer protection from other damaging irritants like pests, moulds, mildew etc. Some of the common objects stored here are expensive furniture, leather goods, paintings etc.
  • Storage for very large objects: There are also times when people going away for some time need to store their cars or boats etc. In order to facilitate storage of these vehicles, self-storage units offer large spaces so that these can be fit into it. Additionally these storage areas are fitted extensively with CCTV cameras, door alarms, bright lighting etc., to offer maximum protection against thefts, vandalism and unwarranted intrusions.

Some important things to consider

The storage space needs to be rented which means that the tenant has to pay for it. Thus it is always better to use these spaces efficiently. There are certain things which need to be looked into before one signs on the rental contract. Some of the important points that need to be checked and discussed, if necessary, are:

  • Inspection of the facility and the proposed space to be rented,
  • Ensuring that it is clean and in good condition,
  • Checking if the self-storage facility is a self-storage association member,
  • Confirming that the contract follows the rental ethics code.

Self storage unit facilities have become very popular since they help store belongings and valuables in a reliable way in lieu for money. They also guarantee the safety and security of the possessions that are stored in their facilities. Hence they are perfect for people to store their loved possessions and go away on trips, vacations etc. with a free mind.