Signs of Termite Infestation: Myths vs. Facts - Rose Pest Solutions

Since termites can live anywhere indoors or outdoors, they’re a potential risk to your home. They are even more detrimental to the homeowners who have not looked after their property before construction or renovation and overlooked pre-construction termite control treatment. There are so many myths about termites, which tend to make people afraid about their infestations. So, we have today come up with facts to give you some peace of mind.

Myth 1:  Termites are members of the ant family.

Fact 1: No, they are not a member of the ant family. They are very much close to cockroaches but not at all to ants. People may mistakenly assume termites as ants because they are named “White ants” in Australia. Hence, the pest control treatment for ants is not practical for termites. To eradicate them, you will need to get a professional pre-construction termite control service done for construction areas and post-construction termite control for homes and offices.

Myth 2: Termites are strong enough to eat through concrete.

Fact 2: No, termites are not so powerful to eat through concrete. The fact is they can enter through cracks in the concrete. Even if one termite gets into the crack, their entire colony will follow up and make the crack bigger. These small cracks in the concrete might be unnoticeable initially, but a professional pre-construction melbourne company can help you detect them.

Myth 3: Termites cannot get into a house that is built with bricks and sits on a concrete slab.

Fact 3: Usually all houses feature wooden frames. It is not at all true that if your home is constructed using bricks then it is safe. No matter how wood and soil is separated during house construction, termites can enter into your brick house from the ground underneath. They can discover the cracks to make their entry in the property. Nevertheless, you can prevent them at the time of construction with professional pre-construction termite control treatment.

Myth 4: Termites are simply destructive and do nothing good.

Fact 4: being natural recyclers, termites help convert deadwood in forests into nutrient enriched soil for growing plants.

Myth 5: Termites can be treated with DIY remedies.

Fact 5: No, termites cannot be eradicated with DIY practices. You will need assistance from a professional pest control company like 365Pestcontrol to safely and effectively exterminate them.

Final Words

Hopefully, some of the myths related to termites have got the right facts here. Other than post-construction termite treatment, you can ensure complete protection of your property against termites right from the construction time with legit pre-construction termite control treatment.