What is a Mobile Home Roof Over?

Owning a mobile home will eventually equate to home repairs. While mobile homes are often smaller and have less upkeep, they will still require maintenance and updates. Over time appliances will break, windows will leak and need to be replaced and carpet and flooring will require an update. One repair that a lot of mobile home owners do not think about is the roof.

Why Is the Roof Forgotten?

A lot of mobile homes are designed with flat roofs. Houses have peaked roofs and are easily noticed from the road. When driving past a mobile home the traditional, original roof is not easily viewable. The roof will age and can buckle or crack over time due to weather and elements. Mobile home roof maintenance is often forgotten because the standard roofs are very lackluster. The roofs don’t always shave gutters and they are flat. When performing mobile home roof maintenance, the homeowner should climb on the roof several times a year to check for any branches or debris that may be accumulating. This is also an ideal time to look for any spots that are showing signs of wear and tear.

What Is the Solution?

When the roof to a mobile home needs to be replaced there are two options for the homeowner. The roof can be completely replaced in the same way that a roof on a home would be replaced or the roof can have a roof added.

Benefits of A Roof Over

A mobile home roof over is actually just what its name depicts. Instead of ripping off the existing roof that is dated and damaged, a new roof is built on top of the existing roof.

Benefits Include:

  • Less waste in landfills
  • Less money spent for labor and waste removal
  • Instant face lift for the mobile home

This is a fantastic chance for a mobile home owner to completely change the outward appearance of their home. A flat roof does not need to be installed over the existing flat roof. This is the opportunity for the homeowner to have a pitched roof installed. Because the roof is being installed directly over the existing roof, there is little waste. Less waste is better for the environment and the pocket book. Less waste will be hauled away and less will sit in a landfill. Because there is not a high haul away cost, the over roof will end up costing the mobile home owner less in materials, waste removal and even labor.

Sticking With A Flat Mobile Home Roof

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is also called TPO. This is a type of covering that is put over the top of the roof. When mobile home owners do not want a pitched roof they often install a TPO. This is a singly-ply roofing membrane that is made of a blend of rubber and plastic. It is durable and will protect the roof from rain and wind all while decreasing energy bills by about 30% in hot climates. The reflective layer of this covering diverts the sun’s rays and reflects them away from the mobile home.

Curb Appeal

A newly designed mobile home roof over will greatly increase the curb appeal of the home. By adding a pitched roof, the home can go from rectangular to angular. Incorporating some shutters or other features will drastically change the appearance and give the home a fantastic new appearance.

The general cost of a mobile home roof can range from $1,500-$5,000 depending upon whether the mobile home is a single or a double wide and whether the homeowner wants a pitched roof or a TPO. Most pitched roofs will not come close to the high end of the price point, but fluctuating lumber prices and more intricate designs can impact the cost.