Why Tool Hire is Better Than Buying Your Own Equipment

When you run a business that involves the use of tools or equipment, it can be tempting to go out and buy your own machinery and equipment right away. However, that can be an expensive investment, especially if you buy tools or machinery that you won’t end up using all that often. If you would prefer to only invest in the equipment that you need at the time, consider using a tool hire service, instead of buying your own tools and machinery. You can also use multiple services, for example if you are looking for tool hire in North Wales, there are a few tool hire companies, you might need to use more than one to locate all the correct equipment that you need for the job.

Renting tools means you don’t have to worry about maintenance

Instead of buying a bunch of construction equipment and tools, you can rent them from Tool hire shops. This will save you plenty of money. They can also handle maintenance and servicing on everything they have in stock—so you don’t have to worry about complicated processes that require specific tools or equipment. Simply pick up your tool when it’s available and return it when you’re done.

Use of tools for short periods of time

Building a home? Landscaping your yard? Doing a do-it-yourself makeover of your living room? If you have a job that requires tools and construction equipment for only short periods of time, tool hire may be better than buying all that stuff yourself. Tool hire prices are also lower, meaning there’s even more savings!

Varied use of the same items

Plentiful and cheap, tool hire shops allow you to try a variety of tools without breaking your budget. Tool hire services also come with plenty of other perks, including more frequent buying opportunities, reduced initial investment (especially if you’re leasing), and added protection should something go wrong. Lastly, it’s unlikely that many tools will get used on multiple projects—lending even more weight to using a tool hire service instead of buying your own equipment.

The right tools for the job

Tool hire has some clear advantages over purchasing equipment. It’s an affordable way to borrow tools for one-off projects when you don’t have space to store them and when you might only need them for a few days or weeks. Tool hire prices are also usually lower than if you were to buy similar equipment outright. Renting will also make it easier to source larger, higher value machinery such as diggers and cranes; renting usually means no credit checks are needed either.

Test before you buy

Often, we’re tempted to buy a piece of equipment when we first encounter it, especially if we need it for an urgent job. The trouble with buying new tools is that you only get one chance to test them—if they don’t work, you’re out of luck. A hire contract allows you to try equipment for a limited period, so you can see if it suits your needs before spending money on it.

Save time and effort driving around

When you have a job to do, you want to be getting it done as fast as possible. Plant hire services bring out equipment that you may need for your work and deliver it directly to your location; hiring a digger, for example, will get your site dug quickly and thoroughly. If you owned all of these things yourself—or even rented them out—you’d spend a great deal of time transporting them to your location and then setting them up before use.

Tools are always on site

There’s a reason that plant hire companies exist, and it’s not just because they have access to equipment. Rather, it’s because they can provide on-site equipment at short notice. With your own tools you need to set aside time to transport them where you need them and secure storage space for them when they’re not in use. And let’s be honest—how often do you actually get around to washing those things?