5 Important Interior Design Tips When Bringing Dogs Into Your Home

Being a first-time dog owner is an experience you will never forget. Whether you are welcoming a newborn puppy or a characterful older dog into your home, all other responsibilities are likely to be put on hold while you make your new member of the household feel comfortable and welcome.

However, during this period of introduction, it is important that homeowners ensure that their home’s interior is suitable for their new friend. This is because dogs have the remarkable ability to engage in bad habits whenever an owner’s back is turned. It only takes a moment for them to scale a chair to eat from a table or choose a piece of furniture as their new favourite chew toy, which is why we’re sharing five important design tips for those wanting to bring dogs into their home.

Raise Your Food

Dogs have a fantastic sense of smell and they are likely to find their way to any food that is left unwatched. Since you are not only likely to want your food kept safe but also to keep your dog from eating harmful ingredients, such as onions, grapes, and chocolate, it is important that food is raised from the ground and out of reach.

For certain items, such as meats and cheeses, it is generally a good idea to keep them concealed or covered too as dogs can still cause damage to furniture and themselves when trying to reach them, even if they are out of reach.

Protect Your Furniture

If you have wooden furniture or exposed wires, they must be protected from dogs or kept out of reach until your pet is suitably trained. This is because, especially during the teething stages, home decor is likely to be at risk of being chewed. Dogs can also cause significant and irreparable damage too, which is why they should not only be under supervision during their initial introduction to a home but also kept away from particularly valuable items.

Toilet Training

Dogs won’t immediately take their business outdoors and owners will need to encourage and train them instead. Getting dogs used to a garden space and not the indoor comfort of a living room rug, however, is not a difficult challenge. In fact, many residents create outdoor spaces that are ideal for their dogs, with lawns to play on and summer houses to lounge within, soon realising that their dogs enjoy the outdoors as much as the indoors.

Space To Zoom

When dogs are both happy and full of energy, they are likely to dash about a home, bounding with glee. This is a pleasure to see but can put unstable decor at risk. When getting to know your new pet, be sure that their path of exploration is free from breakable objects or precious items of furniture.

A Space Of Their Own

Designing a home with a dedicated space for your dog is a good idea because they will want to have their own nest and safe space. If owners don’t create this space for them, one that has access to water and a comfortable bed, dogs are likely to choose a sofa or bed instead!