Advantages of Heavy-Duty Shelving System Application

Racking and shelving are systems, which improve the operations and functionalities of a manufacturing unit, warehouse, or storage facility. 

The shelving and shelving systems differ according to specific needs, for example – heavy duty shelving. In Singapore, Storage Centre offers heavy-duty racking and shelving systems. There are mobile racks powered electronically and is a great solution for cold storage facilities.

Heavy-duty shelves design uniqueness

Heavy-duty shelf design is customizable as per loading needs. The configuration differs and is based on the products intended to be stored. The original construction comprises upright columns and beams for proper load distribution across the entire structure. 

Extra materials like wooden panels, perforated steel panels, or wire mesh are used to bolster the heavy-duty shelves’ load-bearing capacity. In heavy-duty multi-tier shelving, the high storage level is accessed by using stack cranes, walkways, and forklift trucks. 

Advantages of heavy-duty shelves

  • Narrow spaces and heights within a warehouse or storage facility, which generally remains idle, are considerably used. Thus, the warehouse operational quality is enhanced.
  • Picking is favorable at low levels as it contains non-palletized goods, while the stockpiling or storing of palletized goods are common on top shelves. The picking is done manually or with automation.
  • Quality shelving rack installation improves employee productivity. The products are located quickly. The warehouse processes turn more efficient, which saves time and money down the road. 
  • The shelves are robust and capable to sustain huge loads. 
  • They are adjustable and adaptable to different loading conditions.
  • You can dismantle and reassemble them seamlessly because of their sturdiness.
  • Relocate heavy-duty shelves to different areas of the same warehouse. It means they are portable. 

Heavy-duty racking and shelving system are an economical storage and retrieval solution. It can be applied to a wide spectrum of merchandise in a plethora of companies and industries.