All You Need To Know About Teak Wood Flooring

When we think about teak wood, all we think about is its timeless beauty and luxury. In the gold standard wood furniture, teak has earned a good position. Thanks to its rich coloring and lasting shine lend an air of refinement to any space. Even though the Teak Wood Flooring (พื้น ไม้ สัก, which is the term in Thai) is quite beneficial, it isn’t always used for flooring because if you are on a budget, then the high cost associated with teak flooring isn’t always appealing. Above all, you need to put some effort into ensuring that you don’t break the legal teak trade.

Some Of The Benefits Of Using Teak

Durability And Ease Of Care

One of the best parts of teak flooring is that it keeps its attractive appearance while confusing with the caring requirements. 

Resistance To Wear

Thanks to its warm brown color and straight grain pattern, the teak tends to look fabulous in almost all rooms, and it is pretty suited to typical décor styles. More than that, teak retains its beauty for years to come. One of the most complex forms of woods is the teak, and it is perfect for high traffic areas, including the living room or hallway, and works well in homes with kids and pets. 

Lasting Shine

As teak is exceptionally rich in oils, the new teak floors naturally tend to feature a luminous glow with no additional treatment. The wood tends to retain the oils well, so homeowners choose to skip the sealers and other therapies and naturally allow the wood to age. The oils help the wood resist drying and cracking, which means teak’s shine will be the same for the years to come, and also, the floors wouldn’t produce the splinters that require sandling. All you need to do is just some ordinary sweeping and mopping to keep your Teak Wood Flooring clean and neat. If you wish that your floor looks new every day, you have to get it polished regularly in at least three or four years. It all depends on the amount of foot traffic in your house. The teak naturally absorbs some amount of moisture because of its humidity and high oil content. Hence teak is quite often used in high-end patio furniture. So teak is an ideal choice for bathroom and kitchen floors. Therefore you don’t need to even stress about termites.