Carport, do I need a building permit?

Are you tired of seeing your car suffer from the vagaries of the weather but you don’t want to build a real garage? Another solution is available to you: build a carport in the form of a carport. Covered but without walls, this shelter effectively protects your vehicles from bad weather. It is usually attached to your house or a few meters away, on your land. You can also store garden equipment there.

When you hire carports builders cairns, it is less expensive than building a traditional garage, but also easier and faster to implement. Thanks to this new parking space, you will be able to free up your garage and enlarge your home without having to build an extension. But by the way, to install a carport, do you need a building permit?

Building a carport without a building permit, is it possible?

The answer to this question depends on several parameters: the location of your project and its area. If this type of installation does not generate a floor area, the notion of the footprint is important. Indeed, the footprint is one of the surfaces of a house that are decisive for a project. It allows you to know if you need to use an architect, but also to know the type of authorization you need to file.

Build a carport with a prior declaration of work:

The prior declaration of works is a file that allows the town planning department to check that the project complies with force in the municipality where it is located. It is generally required for carrying out small projects (expanding your house by creating a small area, renovating your facades, or changing your destination). When building a carport, it is required in the following situations:

The town planning department may require the following documents:

– A site plan.

– A ground plan showing all the constructions seen from above (carports, lean-tos, houses, annexes), green spaces, pedestrian paths, and parking spaces.

– A cutting plan, allowing to visualize the profile of the ground and the construction.

– A representation of the exterior appearance.

– A 3D insert document.

– Photos.

Examination of your planning permission: how does it work?

The various planning authorizations have processing times adapted to their complexity and the nature of your project.

For the prior declaration of works, the instruction period is generally one month from the date of submission of the file. Obtaining the permit is a little longer since it takes at least two months. This period can even reach 5 months if your project concerns an establishment open to the public.

If you want to complete this task without hassle, we recommend hiring carports builders cairns.