Energy-Efficient Boilers Also Increase Your Property Value

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For ages, humans have used boilers of different types to heat water and produce steam out of it. Though the purpose of industrial and domestic boilers is akin, the principle is the same. High-end industrial boilers are energy efficient and capable of generating enormous heat to run the industrial process. Industrial boilers are used for different engineering purposes ranging from locomotive engines to thermal power plants. Heat is essential to survive, from cooking to heat drying your hair. The principle of a boiler is more like that of a pressure cooker where vapor is pressurized. Heat energy conserves precious fossil fuels like petroleum and coal.

Energy Performance Certificate

For optimal operation and to enhance your production, a premium boiler is necessary. An energy-efficient boiler also increases your property value; potential buyers get assurance of a cozy warm place. Boiler installation Edinburgh installs new boilers and services your existing ones hence enhancing your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. Even if you want to let out your property, an efficient boiler will attract better rent and lessee. A good boiler can enhance the heating system without depending on electricity.

Cost Efficiency

Industrial boilers are an integral part of production; most sectors use them for numerous reasons. The main advantage is cost efficiency. The entire production process runs without electricity. Power escalates enormously when large units of electricity are consumed. Industrial boilers restrain the power utility bill offering maximum efficiency and low dependence on electricity. Capable boiler technology has become more relevant than before. It produces more heat energy and less mechanical stress. Pressurized steam is used as a driving force for machinery in many industrial sectors, which is cost-effective and eco-friendly. 

Primarily it cuts down power costs by not consuming tons of electric units, which is expensive and not environment friendly. According to a publication in 2015, industries exhausted three billion units of power. The design and operational mechanism of a boiler are crucial, as the combustion to heat the liquid in the boiler is often fossil fuel. The optimal layout ensures heat generated is not dissipated and the output is more than the source of energy. Some leading boiler manufacturers incorporate waste heat solutions with the unit. The exhaust gas is used as another source of heat at maximum potential. Advanced technology and innovative layout bring out the best from modern boilers. 


The burner is the ignition point of combustion of the boiler. A pulse activates the nozzle that ignites the pumped fuel to initiate the combustion.

Combustion Chamber

The combustion chamber is crafted from cast iron, and the inside heat can flare up to several hundred degrees in a few minutes. Subsequently, it is transferred to the heat exchanger.

Steam Drum

The steam drum accumulates the steam, and the mud drum located below it collects solid waste.

The fuel source of a boiler can be coal, gasoline, or natural gas.

Certified Technicians

To install a boiler, you need certified technicians, boiler installation Edinburgh has all the required expertise and knowledge. The qualified technicians undergo a full fledge training ensuring the highest industry standard. They partner with the best boiler manufacturers rendering the highest standard you expect.