Features, needs and aspects of cleaning air ducts

Filthy air ducts are a major cause of unexplained health related issues and cause a number of respiratory and indigestion problems. Air duct cleaning process involves removal of debris from all ducts, grills, registers and filters that gets deposited slowly in it. That is why there is need of Air duct cleaning services to be done on regular basis as the vents and ducts hide behind the walls that is why doing and analyzing it is difficult 


Air duct cleaning services are important as it provides us with following benefits.

  • Provides cleaner environment
  • Reduces allergies and health hazards 
  • Boosts working efficiency
  • Protects electronic equipments from dust damage

Time, cost and procedure

For an average sized house, the average cost varies between 450 to 1000 USD. Time taken to clean depends upon the size and turns of the vents that are made in the flow system. It can vary between an hour to several hours. 

In the process, first inspection is done by a professional who checks how much debris is deposited in the vent with visual inspection and sometimes by placing remote cameras. Afterwards, a vacuum collection unit is set up to build up negative pressure to remove the dust that has settled in it over time and make sure that the debris gets collected in the collection unit and not spread all over the area.

After the setup is over, the professional will make sure to remove all the dust and sticky materials that have been deposited in it over time. After the process is complete, another inspection of air ducts is required to make sure that there is no leftover of residue in the vents and ducts.

At last, all the repair required is made and sanitization is done to remove any germs left for a proper breathing experience of the consumer.