Five Predictions About The Future Of Corporate Office Designs

The worlds of architecture and interior design for commercial buildings have been constantly evolving in accordance with the needs of their users. As company owners search for new designs that help their employees work to the best of their ability or to achieve new productivity gains, new design methodologies are being introduced. With that being said, it is an exciting prospect to predict future trends that are likely to take root in the near future. Therefore, in this article, we put forth five design predictions that we believe will emerge in the coming years.

Firstly, cones of silence or noise cancelling pods will become commonplace. Many of the world’s top companies already employ this technology to a limited extend, with quiet pods being present in the breakout areas of their office. Such pods help employees in need of a quiet and cozy spot to work in. Moving forward, we believe that a variation of the pod extended from the ceiling down will be introduced for all seats in the office. This design would be especially useful when introduced in open offices where noise is a constant. 

Secondly, rooftop gardens will continue to increase in popularity. It is a proven fact that being amongst nature helps to relief stress while stimulating creativity. By giving employees a space to explore, they are encouraged to get up from their seat and to walk about. This is highly beneficial for their health and mental wellbeing. As such, rooftop gardens will become commonplace amongst commercial buildings. Additionally, green walls help to reduce the amount of heat trapped in buildings and thus reduced electricity consumption in the long run. 

Thirdly, pantries and canteens with a wide selection of food and beverage will be adopted by many firms. Giant tech firms first made the concept of in-house kitchens and complimentary food popular. In the current economic climate where talent is increasingly hard to attract, big brands are likely to try to get any edge they can get to attract top level talent. This would include flashy canteens and quality food where employees are free to mingle and enjoy their time in the office. 

Lastly, smart data gathering and corresponding solution implementation will be in demand. The internet of things has empowered not just convenience and productivity, but also the ability of owners to understand how people behave in a given space. Social science analysis of such data gathered will empower design thinking specialists to recommend changes that help employees to maximize their performance. 

Interested in implementing these ideas in your corporate office design? Get in touch with a top design firm today. While these trends may seem daunting to implement, design firms will be able to advise you on feasible aspects of each that your space can use. Inform them of your employees’ needs and let them introduce various ideas which would help increase productivity.