Hinged vs Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Wardrobe Guide : Hinged vs Sliding Doors – Interior Era

Wardrobe doors are one of the most important aspects of your wardrobe, as they are what you use to store your clothes. They can help you to make a statement in your room, and they can be a feature that makes your wardrobe unique.

There are two main types of wardrobe doors: hinged and sliding. Hinged doors are the most common type and tend to be cheaper than sliding doors. They consist of two pieces of wood or metal which hinge on one side so that the door can swing open inwards or outwards. Sliding wardrobes consist of one solid piece of wood or metal with a track on top which runs along the length of the door. This means it slides along its track from side to side instead of opening upwards like a hinged door does.

Hinged wardrobe doors are the most traditional and popular type of wardrobe door. They’re made from a rigid material like wood or metal and usually have a handle on the outside of the door which allows you to open it from either side.

Sliding wardrobe doors are less common than hinged doors, but they’re still an option if you’re looking for something different. Sliding doors are often made from glass or wood and they slide horizontally across the opening of your wardrobe instead of swinging on hinges.

Sliding wardrobe doors are a great option for those who have limited space. Sliding doors are available in single, double and triple door varieties, with a choice of different colours and finishes. They are also available with frosted glass or clear glass panels.

Although sliding doors tend to be more expensive than hinged doors, they offer a more modern look and can open up your entire room by adding extra light and space.

Hinged wardrobe doors are the most common type of door in most wardrobes. Hinged doors are generally cheaper than sliding wardrobe doors but they don’t offer as much storage space or light as sliding wardrobe doors do.

The two main types of hinged doors are standard hinged doors and bi-folding hinged doors. Standard hinged doors can be used on all types of wardrobes but bi-folding hinged doors usually only work with wardrobes that have two or three sides – for example, a wardrobe that has three sides would need bi-folding hinged doors in order to maximise the amount of storage space available.

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