How an External Render Can Transform Your Property

If you walk down any street, you’ll notice that properties have various finishes to their exteriors. From brickwork to pebble dash, the outside of a property takes many forms, many of which are more aesthetically pleasing than others. Nothing can be worse when the outside of your house doesn’t have the look you want.

Should this be the case, then you should consider investing in an external render. This is the process of applying a new layer to your outside wall that provides a smooth finish and is available in various colours, although whites, creams, and greys tend to be the most widely used. 

Let’s take a closer look at how an external render can transform your property inside and outside!

Improve the Exterior Appearance of Your Home 

The most obvious way that an external render transforms your property is by giving it a completely new surface finish. Boasting a smooth texture and brand-new colour of your choosing, an external render completely transforms the external appearance of your home. 

This is even more noticeable when the exterior of your home has seen better days. Older brickwork is often mismatched and lacks a modern appearance, so with the introduction of a new external render you can make your home look more contemporary.  

Blend Mismatched Exteriors 

There are many properties that have mismatched exteriors, so by investing in an eternal rendering you can ensure your property has a uniform appearance that naturally looks better. 

For instance, if your property is mostly older brickwork but you get an extension, the newer part of the building won’t match the older part. A new external rendering ensures that all parts of your property look the exact same, making it easier on the eye. 

Modernise Your Property 

While everyone has their own tastes, it’s hard to deny that pebble dash is starting to look outdated. Yes, it was popular in previous decades, but it has become notably dated in recent years, especially when most new build properties having an external rendering. 

As a result, many properties that don’t have an external rendering are looking very old and outdated. 

With an external rendering, you can modernise the appearance of your property, giving you the satisfaction of having a sleek new aesthetic, while also helping your chances of selling the property in the future should you want to.  

Less Weather Wearing 

Because external rendering offers a protective barrier against the elements, you can expect the signs of weather wearing to be significantly reduced on your property. External rendering completely waterproofs the surface of your home, protecting it against damage from water that can otherwise leave unsightly marks and even damage the property. 

For example, certain types of bricks are susceptible to water ingress and dampness issues when left exposed. By adding an external rendering, you eliminate the risk of these problems causing more significant issues throughout your property. 

Cover Up Damage 

Whether its cracks in brickwork or pebble dash that is falling off the walls, you can use an external rendering to cover up signs of damage that are ruining the appearance of your property. It’s one of the cheapest ways to cover up exterior damage that is unsightly and possible reducing the value of your home!