How to Pack and Move Your Air Conditioner

Are you planning to move? If you are looking to get information about packing and moving your Air conditioner then you are in right place. Here I will guide you on the easiest method that you can use to move your Air conditioner into your new residence. When it comes to packing and moving the air conditioner, the first step is to unplug and drain the collected water and then clean the entire unit. Ac units are very heavy and risky to handle and it is very important to have an important proper knowledge so if you don’t have any technical knowledge then you must hire professional movers who can do this job for you.

After unplugging the AC Unit, fill the gaps and keep all unplugged parts safely so that you can easily use them at the time of installing the unit at the window of your new home then re-seal the window properly. When it comes to packing the unit, pack the unit in its original box and if you don’t have the original box then you can use any other appliances box for this purpose. When choosing the packing box, don’t try to use Styrofoam peanuts as it isn’t good for air conditioner packing because they don’t cover the empty spaces and become the cause of different issues for you.

Secure the box with tape and label it and then load it into your truck. After successfully moving the air conditioner into your new home, you have to reinstall the AC Unit. Choose the best area or window where you want to have your ac unit and then seal the window properly. If you are still confused about any area of the moving process, hire professional movers and packers who can do this job for you

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