Six Things You Must Ask When Comparing New Zealand Moving Companies

Moving to a new home and a new place is not an easy task. You have to make many decisions in a short time. You have to do a lot like sorting out, packing, change the address, search for professional moving companies, etc. Packing all your belongings onto a truck is hard work and there is also a risk when moving your furniture to the new place.  In New Zealand, there are plenty of moving companies that are available to offer their services, some can promise you the world and not meet your expectations whilst others can hook you in with a low moving quote and disappear with your contents forever. In other words, to choose a relocation specialist is the hardest but six questions can help you identify which house movers Auckland to place on your shortlist.

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  1. Are They Licensed and Insured Properly?

Firstly, ask about their license to avoid scams. They must have a New Zealand business number to operate and trade. Verify their insurance documents to ensure you are covered if any damage occurs on behalf of the business. There is a need to keep on questioning until you are satisfied, never hire movers which are not insured.

Can They Provide References?

The moving companies should be able to show you their great business references. Before entrusting luggage for relocation to moving companies check their rating with a better business bureau and also inquire how many complaints they have on file against the movers. When you’re selecting 3 or 4 companies to contact, make a note to request for at least two references from previous customers.

Do These Moving Companies have Online Reviews?

You should never assume a big name company will always provide quality services. Ask about their experience with other companies. Get reviews from people like from friends, co-workers and etc. Visit their websites online and also check their rating on other social media. Check the reviews of more than one company and compare their reviews and ratings.  Select more than one to enquire about which are listed on the better business bureau.

  1. What Happens If Your Belongings Get Broken?

The moving companies should be able to replace or repair items it got broken during relocation. You should ask how much they are liable to recover in the case of any mishap during the move. Are they willing to take responsibility for full or partial value protection? If you are moving across local or international boundary the company should provide options of coverage of mishaps.     

  1. Ask about Their Equipment and Prices?

Well known and experienced movers have their own vans, power lift trucks, moving ramp and also skilled labor. Some brokers advertise as movers but don’t own any trucks and outsource the work. You must ask about their equipment, do they have a large enough truck for your move? Ask what they will charge and get the pricing in writing. Call three or more movers separately to compare their different prices to save money and get all agreements and prices in writing.

  1. How Much Experience Do They Have in This Business?

More experience brings high quality and efficient services. You can ask how many years’ experience they have in the relocation field. Similarly, ask about their businesses history to ascertain they didn’t just start up overnight.

Some Other Common Question You Can Ask Moving Companies

  • Can they provide written rates which include all hidden costs and charges?
  • Are they able to offer door to door service?
  • Is packing and parking cost included in pricing?
  • How much handling experience they have?
  • Ask to show association which they are working?
  • You can ask how long they will take to move
  • You should also ask about their cancelation policy
  • What are the payment methods they accept?