The Thin Line Between Meditation and Hypnosis

There’s an excellent line between hypnosis and meditation. While meditation is supposed to bring us to full understanding of the current moment where Reality lives. Hypnosis does quite contrary. It puts us asleep to the current moment. Let me illustrate the purpose.

Let’s make a prisoner in solitary confinement. There’s a little concrete room lacking of anything more except an integrated iron bed along with a small barred window by which sunlight flows in to the cell. The prisoner sits on the ground and compares the ray of sunlight before him. Inside the sun ray he sees a speck of dust floating lazily up and lower around the prolonged high temperatures from the sunlight, nearly as if defying gravity.

At this time the prisoner can perform 1 of 2 things. He is able to silently take notice of the floating bit of dust as yet another a part of his momentary experience of his prison cell, inside the cell block, inside the prison or…he is able to fixate around the bit of dust unto forgetfulness of his surroundings. One of the ways he remains within the cell, with understanding of the current and all sorts of that is happening around him. Another way induces a forgetfulness of who he’s where he’s…getting away his cell and situation psychologically by fixation upon the dancing dust particle.

So what exactly is essential about being in our moment? And what’s so bad about getting away a realistic look at the current moment?

Suppose as it were that you’re a mother of the three years old. And let’s suppose you love to be careful about your mid-day soap operas on television. Could it be so hard to determine by using your attention divided, or lost in to the TV that could pose some risk for your three years old? Could it be hard to observe that being lost in to the fantasy playing from the Television screen could easily become an chance for the three years old to locate some pills inside your purse, or some poisonous cleaner beneath your drain without you realizing it? Together with your attention hypnotically fixed from the present moment where your son or daughter is he could swallow some pills thinking them chocolate, or consume some poisonous liquid making them sick or worse…a great deal worse.