Tips To Choose The Right Wardrobe For Your Small Bedroom

A bedroom is the most desired room as it is the best spot in the entire house to relax and help the body cope with the long busy schedules you go through during the day. It is the place to unwind and heal mentally too. But the problem arises when the room is of limited size. It is challenging to furnish a small room with creativity and innovation and make them look spacious. Hence, specific hacks must follow while arranging and deciding on the type of cabinets to install and make the best use of the small functional area. The right furniture in a bedroom can help you keep it decluttered and neat. There are many options to purchase wardrobe online, with choices ranging from 2 door cupboards to 3 door almirah and many more. Read on to know why the right wardrobe is a must for your bedroom:

Why Is The 3 Door Wardrobe Best For A Small Bedroom?

  • Size

The size of the wardrobe is directly proportional to the size of the bedroom, and it must fit into the allotted space. But at times, setting up a more extensive wardrobe accomplishes all the other storage functions with an overwhelming presence overshadowing the rest of the things in the whole room. It all depends on the user’s needs. For a small bedroom, the right-sized Wakefit wardrobe like a 3 door wooden wardrobe or even smaller one creates a bigger room illusion. On the other hand, a wardrobe with smaller cabinets, numerous drawers, and hanging space will accommodate many things. This again depends on what kinds of stuff the buyer possesses.

  • Style

The style of the wardrobe is the one that satisfies an individual’s requirements, and there is a wide range available in the commercial market. The style mainly concentrates on the colour and pattern that will blend with the remaining interiors. There are also bold and unique colours and dashing concepts to create the most contrasting room look. The doors play another essential role in presenting various styles, and they are the swinging, sliding, and automatic doors. The other door varieties are a two-door, 3 door wardrobe and four-door almirah.  The swinging doors are the traditional ones that are installed in rooms with ample space to walk around. Sliding doors are ideal for small rooms fitted for all wardrobe styles and will save on space effectively. Finally, the automatic doors are also seen to save space, but they are more of a sign of luxury and sophistication. And to make space look more poise, carvings on the door with unique handles are another option to impart a distinct style.

  • Type

This is the primary decision while choosing the right wardrobe for any bedroom. It is the one that accentuates and elevates the look of the entire bedroom, and the main category of this is the free-standing and built-in wardrobe. A three-door wardrobe is available in both types. The free-standing wardrobe is portable and can be moved from one place to another. This makes them highly useful while shifting houses, but the built-in ones will offer the freedom to choose material and colour and be fitted into any particular space. The material of the wardrobe also falls under this same category. This includes premium wood, plywood, MDF, particleboard, glass, steel, etc. This contributes to the durability of the wardrobe and protects the contents. For a tiny bedroom, use wood as it is the universal material for making cupboards and is comparatively strong and sturdy. A 3 door wardrobe price in wood is reasonable when considering the features and benefits they bestow. Besides these, the other benefits of using wood are resistance to weather changes and durability. Additional wardrobe features like hooks, mirrors, and extra cabinets add more aesthetics and improve the bedroom’s overall look.

How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Big?

Besides installing the ideal wardrobe that suits the spot and place, other things will make a small bedroom look big. They are:

  • Create wardrobes with lighter shades or neutral colours, as this is the best tip to impart a broader room effect. This includes tones of white, beige, and light grey. Natural wood also gives a more spacious look with a soft undertone.
  • Make use of the entire height of the wall with sufficient storage spaces that can accommodate everything in it.
  • Invest in additional hangers, shelves, cabinets, and drawers for your 3 door almirah to hold various things.
  • If the wall shape is not going along with the specifications of the various ready-to-install cupboards, customise the wardrobe to suit the shape of the wall. This will make the bedroom more comfortable by fitting it with functional needs.
  • Another simple trick to make a bedroom appear more spacious is to use either a no door wardrobe or a glass door wardrobe. These create a more comprehensive look, but the only problem with no doors for a cabinet is that it will be prone to dust and dirt. And glass doors will be seen to motivate the user to keep things more organised or look disastrous.

The right wardrobe for any bedroom is possible with various self-questions that one can ask themself, like:

  • How much shelf space do I require?
  • How much hanging space is needed?
  • Is it necessary for a tall wardrobe?
  • Should I get additional drawers?

These are sufficient to solve almost all the problems while upgrading to a new wardrobe. Furthermore, one can also install different storage features to allow more flexibility in accommodating various things. Finally, mixing and matching add a personal touch to the wardrobe and portray the person’s style and taste. When it comes to furnishing a small bedroom, what matters most is the art of imagination, innovation, and creativity to get inspired and design a spacious yet luxurious wardrobe. It is an essential skill and a part of fulfilling the interior look of the bedroom, making use of different sizes, styles, and types of wardrobes.