Top Landscaping Tips for Beginners in Singapore

Your outdoor spaces contribute to your home’s overall aesthetic or building, as much as the interior does. Which means if you want to upscale your home appeal, adding landscape designs will add some flourish to your property. However, landscaping is a lot more than just putting plants and rocks in your front yard. Landscaping needs a lot of planning and matching of the right style.

This would probably be your greatest concern upon deciding to landscape your dull, empty yard: not knowing the first thing about landscaping. Fortunately, there are lots of inspirational ideas you can use to design your outdoors. And if you want to learn the basics of landscaping, here are top tips for beginners.

Outline Your Needs and Wants

Before going straight into putting objects in your yard, it is advisable to make a list of your landscape needs and wants. Do you want to block an ugly view? Or maybe you want a patio where your family can lounge? Play area for the kids? Listing your objectives will help you plan what objects, plants and arrangements to use.

Moreover, make use of what you already have. It can be quite difficult and impractical to turn a dry, rocky area into a vegetable garden. Instead, you can make it into a rock landscape with trees or plants that can thrive in severe conditions.

Location is Important

Another factor you would want to consider first is the location. Your landscape design should put into consideration the sun and the wind at different times of the year. This forethought will make sure that your landscape will be functional and pragmatic. For example, you can place your patio facing the west, so it gets a lot of afternoon sun. Plus, if your location is just right, you may even enjoy the sunset while relaxing.

Matching and Arranging

Landscaping requires proper matching of objects and colors to give out the intended outcome and vibes. In planting trees or shrubs, begin from the area near the house or building, and work outwards. Make sure to plan the location of trees to avoid them outgrowing their space.

Moreover, in laying out flower beds, give allowance for a hard path or stepping stones to give you space to care for the flowers without trampling anything. Also, remember that plants with bold leaves can be matched with finely textured ones. In matching what flowers to put together, separating clashing colors will brighten a shady area.

Landscaping Services in Singapore

Planning your landscape can be very exciting. However, the actual part of putting your plan into reality will be exhausting. If you would rather hire a professional to do it for you, you can make sure that the output will be top-quality.

Hire B2S Specialist Company today if you’re looking for a landscaping Singapore expert. We can assist you with your residential or commercial landscaping needs, and help you achieve your landscape vision. We also offer landscaping maintenance services if you want to upkeep your outdoor spaces. Contact us today to schedule your landscape works.