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Establish daily, weekly, biweekly, and monthly routines according to the need and availability of human resources. In case of more than one person working, try to divide the tasks so that each one is responsible for cleaning an area. This helps a lot in defining responsibilities and facilitates the supervision process.

The scales and working hours must follow the demands of cleaning the condominium. If the Academy closes at 8:00 pm, preferably there should be an employee who can perform cleaning after this time or early to ensure that users can find the environment clean in the morning. With the best of condo cleaning Toronto you can come up with the best deal.

In fact, each condominium has its peculiarities. So much so that there is no unique rule valid for all cases. The most important thing is to assess the specific needs of your condo in order to develop a custom schedule that ensures all areas are very clean at all times. Define which locations need deep cleaning and how often the maintenance and servicing rounds should be performed. This will keep the condo clean and always in order. It is also worth remembering that it is likely that during the day there will be a need for minor emergency cleaning in case of accidents (such as leaking leachate from garbage bags or spilling water and other liquids in different areas of the condominium). ). Therefore, it is necessary that those responsible for cleaning are on guard in order to provide proper hygiene at the moment the need arises.

Try not to disturb the owners

Nothing more unpleasant to the residents and visitors of a condominium who, while circulating around, trip over hoses, squeegees and brooms or have to walk in puddles of soap and water. Even worse, imagine that you need to use a certain environment, such as the ballroom or gym, but find that it is prohibited for cleaning the room and equipment. Therefore, when preparing the schedule, it is extremely important to take into account the hours of greatest movement of people, doing as much as possible to reduce the discomfort caused to users. Ideally, the cleaning of environments should occur when there are the fewest people in these places. This avoids dissatisfaction as well as accidents, as well as allowing the sites to be ready for use at any time.

Provide safety equipment

In the condominium cleaning routine, employees will have constant contact not only with water and detergent, but with a series of other chemicals that can cause allergies and various damages to the health and safety of employees. Therefore, it is essential that the cleaning staff have at their disposal (and effectively use) the appropriate safety equipment. Here come the non-slip rubber outsole boots, goggles, multifunctional gloves and so many other items that ensure the safety and integrity of employees. This care will ensure a good cleaning and, especially, the well-being of those who work to maintain the hygiene and organization of the condominium, and avoid possible future labor problems.

  • As you can see, setting up a cleaning routine for your condo requires some care, but it’s not that complex. Basically, you need to assess the needs of the environment, create a good cleaning schedule, and ensure that the onsite hygiene team always has the products and equipment on hand to do their work efficiently and safely.