Unexpected Ways to Showcase Texture in Furniture

In interior design, texture serves as a silent protagonist, elevating the aesthetics of a space. Boucle fabric, with its luxurious loops and sumptuous feel, has become a darling of designers. 

While commonly associated with traditional furniture, there are unexpected and creative ways to incorporate boucle texture, making a bold design statement that transcends the ordinary. Here are some unconventional ideas to infuse your furniture with the richness of boucle elegance:

Sculptural Boucle Chairs

Break away from the ordinary by introducing sculptural boucle fabric furniture into your living space. These uniquely designed chairs not only provide a comfortable seating experience but also double as captivating art pieces. Opt for chairs with unconventional shapes and curves, allowing the boucle texture to become a visual and tactile focal point in your room.

Boucle-Clad Bed Frames

Transform your bedroom into a dreamscape by selecting a bed frame adorned in boucle fabric. This unexpected choice adds a touch of luxury and cosiness to your sleeping haven. Choose neutral tones like ivory or gray to create a serene atmosphere. The tactile allure of boucle turns your bed into a statement piece, effortlessly blending comfort with style.

Boucle-Embraced Coffee Tables

Elevate your living room’s design by opting for coffee tables with boucle-covered surfaces. This unexpected choice transforms a functional piece into a textured centerpiece. Beyond its utilitarian role, a boucle coffee table becomes a conversation starter, showcasing your commitment to innovative design and tactile richness.

Textured Boucle Ottomans

Redefine the ottoman’s role by choosing textured boucle designs. These chic ottomans serve as multifunctional pieces, providing additional seating, acting as footrests, or even serving as stylish side tables. Experiment with varied shapes and sizes to add depth and interest to your living space, all while enjoying the sumptuous feel of boucle.

Boucle-Accented Dining Chairs

Inject unconventional elegance into your dining area by selecting boucle-accented dining chairs. Whether it’s the seats or the chair backs, this unexpected touch brings sophistication to your dining space. The tactile contrast of boucle against the clean lines of a dining table creates a visually intriguing dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary.


Boucle fabric, when incorporated unconventionally, becomes a potent tool for making bold design statements in your furniture. For more information and to explore a diverse range of furniture options, check out Urban Road—an online-based supplier and manufacturer of wall art and homewares in Australia.