What Do You Need to Have a Water Damage Restoration Business?

You will need a few things to start an Avondale water damage restoration business. First, you can advertise in local phone directories or create a website. A website is essential for SEO and can help your business appear in local searches. You will also need to be listed with IICRC and Google Business Places.

Moisture detectors

Moisture detectors are essential for a water damage restoration business, as they help technicians detect water damage. These devices are usually equipped with a color scale that indicates how moist an area is. The scale ranges from 0 to 15 percent, with zero representing no moisture. To accurately measure wetness, it is essential to measure a control area that is not affected by water damage.

Moisture meters can be used for different types of water damage restoration. These tools can be used to detect the presence of moisture in a building’s interior or exterior. Some moisture detectors measure the amount of moisture on the surface of a material, while others can be stuck into the substance. Some of these devices even have both types of sensors.

Air scrubbers

Air scrubbers are critical equipment for an Avondale water damage restoration business. They are designed to clean the air of water and pollutants in a building and come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. XPower’s 550 CFM air scrubber is an example of a large-scale water damage restoration machine.

Air scrubbers are potent tools that remove particles, gases, and chemicals from the air. They make the clean-up process faster and safer.

Air scrubbers pull the air out of a damaged environment and filter it to remove pollutants like mold and asbestos. But unfortunately, they also capture other contaminants in the air, such as soot.

IICRC certifications

If you own a business that handles water damage restoration, then you should consider the benefits of IICRC certification. These certifications ensure that a company follows professional work standards, maintains proper insurance coverage, and employs highly-trained workers. IICRC certifications also give you a leg up on the competition. Finally, IICRC certifications also help you get better services for less money.

You can become an IICRC-certified technician by taking a series of courses taught by the organization. The classes cover the various aspects of the restoration business and include hands-on training. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate. To take the course, you will need a computer, a microphone, and an Internet connection. After you finish the course, you will be given a manual and an IICRC certification number. The IICRC certification process typically takes between four and six weeks.

Insurance protection

Water damage can be expensive to restore. Fortunately, insurance will cover this expense. In addition to repairs, it will also pay for reconstruction or upgrades. If water damage is severe enough, a complete makeover is possible. Whether the work is limited to removing water, cleaning it, or replacing fixtures and fittings, insurance protection for a water damage restoration business is necessary.

Several types of insurance coverage are available for an Avondale water damage restoration business. One of the most common types is a Commercial General Liability policy. This type of insurance protects against environmental liability and professional liability claims. It is also affordable and offers superior claims handling attributes. Besides covering damages to the property of others, this type of insurance policy also covers losses from fungus and mold.


Networking for a water damage restoration business is integral to building a successful business. Your networking efforts should make you as accessible and visible to potential clients as possible. This includes creating a website, a social media presence, and making yourself part of the local chamber of commerce. It would help if you also built relationships with other water damage restoration businesses in your area.

The first step in networking for a water damage restoration business is establishing a brand. This takes time, but gaining a reputation is essential. This can lead to business referrals from other companies. Most people like to interact face-to-face, so try to attend community and trade organizations and cultivate personal relationships.