What To Do When The Administrator Of A Condo Resigns

The owners of a fraction are also co-owners of the common parts, so they may have the responsibility to manage these same standard parts whenever it is their responsibility.

In most cases, the election of the administrator takes place at a joint owners’ meeting scheduled ten days in advance, with the information on the plan that the election will take place, which must respect the majorities for this purpose (simple majority of 50% of the votes gifts + 1). Search for home loan (สินเชื่อ บ้าน which is the term in Thai) for a condo.

But is there a possibility for the administrator to resign from the position he previously accepted? Condominium life is still a challenge, but typical home management continues to give good results and raise the level of satisfaction of the owners.

The appointment of someone with availability to exercise the position of administrator of the condominium is in everyone’s interest and the entire performance, with dedication, of the assigned functions, always bearing in mind the interests of the condominium. Therefore, it is counterproductive to force a joint owner to be an administrator or stay in office against their will.

In this sense, the definitive resignation from the position of administrator of the condominium can be made at any time during the term of office. It does not inform us about the reasons invoked by the administrator to resign from the position. Still, we may face a situation of disabling illness without physical and mental conditions to exercise our function. Thus, to elect a new administrator, it is necessary to convene the general meeting of joint owners, with the ten days’ notice foreseen by law.

In addition to medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical assistance and eventual hospitalization, the insurance also provides compensation for temporary incapacity (absolute or partial) to work, calculated based on the employee’s salary.